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Administration & Human Resources Division
Southwest ISD Health Services Mission Statement
The mission of the SWISD Health Services Department is to guide students toward an optimal level of health, thereby enhancing their ability to obtain the maximum benefit from the educational experience.
About School Nurses
“School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success and life-long achievement of students. To that end, school nurses facilitate positive student responses to normal development; promote health and safety; intervene with actual and potential health problems; provide case management services; and actively collaborate with others to build student and family capacity for adaptation, self management, self advocacy and learning.” – NASN
The school nurse:
  • Serves as health advocate for students.
  • Performs health screenings as required by the Texas Department of State Health Services.
  • Provides temporary and emergency care for sick or injured students..
  • Provides specialized health care and services.
  • Serves as Health Liaison between school, physician, parents, and community.
  • Reviews and evaluates student immunization records to ensure compliance with state law.
  • Administers student medication according to District policy and procedures.
  • Contributes to the health education program as a resource person in both planning and teaching capacities, working with the principal and staff.
  • Promotes wellness and provides information to facilitate healthy life styles among
  • students and faculty.
  • Provides health counseling and teaching on an individual basis
  • Evaluates and monitors communicable diseases and implements strategies to prevent the spread of disease in the school
  • Identifies and refers possible pediatric and adolescent health problems for early intervention and treatment

Meet Our Nursing Staff

Valerie G. Maldonado, RN
Director of Health Services
Admin Annex Bldg 302
11914 Dragon Lane
210-622-4453 - office
210-622-4331 - fax
Elementary Campus
Cindy Salinas, RN
Big Country Elementary
2250 Pue Road
210-645-7560 - Office
210-645-7561 - Fax
Michelle Martinez, RN
Bob Hope Elementary
3022 Reforma
210-927-8180 - Office
210-927-8181 - Fax
Sherry Knox, RN
Elm Creek Elementary
11535 Pearsall Rd.
210-622-4430 - Office
210-622-443 - Fax
Isabel Beckett, RN
Hidden Cove Elementary
5003 Gray Buffalo
210-623-6220 - Office
210-623-6221 - Fax
Christina Villanueva, RN
Indian Creek Elementary
5830 Old Pearsall Rd
210-623-6520 - Office
210-623-6521 - Fax
Timmie Weber, RN
Kriewald Rd. Elementary 
10355 Kriewald Rd
210-645-7550 - Office
210-645-7551 - Fax
Kimberly Neatherlin, RN
Medio Creek Elementary
8911 Excellence Drive
210-622-4950 - Office
210-622-4951 - Fax
Sandra Rivera, RN
Sky Harbour Elementary
5902 Fishers Bend
210-623-6580 - Office
210-623-6581 - Fax
Lilly Kunz, RN
Southwest Elementary
11914 Dragon Lane
210-622-4420 - Office
210-622-4421 - Fax
Chesney Ducos, RN
Spicewood Park Elementary
11303 Tilson
210-622-4999 - Office
210-622-4131 - Fax
Shanna Davenport, RN
Sun Valley Elementary
6803 SW Loop 410
210-645-7560 - Office
210-645-7571 - Fax
Deanna Valdez, RN
Special Education Nurse

Secondary Campus
Kelly Howell, RN
Southwest High School
11914 Dragon Lane
210-622-4500 - Office
210-622-4501 - Fax
Christopher Beltran, RN
SW 9th Grade Annex
11914 Dragon Lane
210-622-4820 - Office
210-622-4821 - Fax
Dawn Friesenhahn, RN
McNair Middle School
11914 Dragon Lane
210-622-4480 - Office
210-622-4481 - Fax
Amber Robles, RN
McAuliffe Middle School
9390 SW Loop 410
210-622-6260 - Office
210-622-6261- Fax
Rebecca Rodriguez, RN
Scobee Middle School
10675 Marbach Rd
210-645-7500 - Office
210-645-7501 - Fax


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