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Administration & Human Resources Division
Para-Professionals & Substitute Teachers

Administration & Human Resources

Note to All Teaching Assistant Applicants
All Educational Aides are required by the State of Texas to hold a valid certificate as a paraprofessional educator.  This process requires on-line application, fingerprinting for a nation-wide criminal history background check, and fees totaling approximately $74.25 and additional $9.95 for the actual fingerprinting.  Human Resources staff will explain the application process to you.  If you already hold a valid certification as an Educational Aide for the State of Texas, you will not be required to re-apply.
Teacher Assistants must meet pre-employment requirements for NCLB (No Child Left Behind)
Requirements include:
48 College earned credit hours
Associates Degree to higher
Certification Certificate (SBEC)
Para-Professional Certificate (NCLB)           
(for information on NCLB training go to www.esc-20.net.  Click into A-Z index and search for Para-Professional Support or contact Region 20 at 210-370-5429 or 210-370-5481).  
The following institution/State Program offer interested Para-Professionals/Substitute Teachers the opportunity and financial assistance needed to obtain a degree/certificate in education.  Institutions assisting Para-Professionals/Substitute Teachers reach their Goals:
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Student Services Division
College Tuition and Partial Fee Exemption for Educational Aides

Full-time Educational Aide – Minimum one (1) school year full-time educational aide experience within the past five (5) years
Substitute Teacher – Must provide documentation of the 180 days full service in the past five (5) years
Visit the Texas Higher Education website for the Educational Aide Exemption Application, instructions, and information
Did You Know?
Para-Professional Work Experience
Take advantage of your Para-Professional experience.  Did you know?  Five (5) years of Para-Professional experience will suffice for Student Teaching.  Of course you will have to take an additional three (3) hour course in lieu of student teaching
Our Lady of the Lake University – Para-Professional Grant

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