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Administration & Human Resources Division
Hearing Office

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Hearing Office
Hearing Officer, Pupil Services Division:
Maggie Reyes
Phone 210-622-4352
Fax 210-622-4353
The Hearing Office is located in building 502, room 12. This office serves as a support to campuses and  the community in the areas of Discipline, Compulsory Attendance, Student Enrollment, Family Code and Safe Schools.

The mission of the Southwest ISD Hearing Office is to support the efforts of the District and the Community in providing a safe school environment for all our students and staff members.

The following references are used when conducting Alternative Placement Hearings:
Southwest ISD Student Code of Conduct
Chapter 37 Discipline Law and Order
Title 5 Felony Offences of the Texas Penal Code
The following steps will be part of the procedure for conducting discipline/expulsion placement Hearings.
The administrator will schedule a conference with the student and the parents/guardians no later than three school days after the student is removed from class.
At the conference the administrator will explain the allegations against the student and the proposed DAEP placement hearing.
The student will be given an opportunity to tell his/her side of the incident.  
At the hearing the school administrator of the campus will explain the allegations and the parents/guardians and student will be given an opportunity to explain their side of the incident.
The hearing officer will make a recommendation to place the student in DAEP or not to place the student in DAEP.
If the decision is to place the student in DAEP, the number of days the student is to serve and the review date, if any, will be explained to the parents/guardians and student.

The Hearing Officer also reviews transfer student records for enrollment into the district when students are coming from other districts for nontraditional enrollment, Bexar County Juvenile Justice Alternative Program (JJAEP) , and another alternative programs. State Education Code and district policies are used to determine the status of students wanting to enroll at SWISD.
The following Non-Traditional Enrollment Form will be used when allowing students into the district the nontraditional manner.


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