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Residence – Policies FDA and FDA (Local)
Definition of residence in case law – Must actually live in a domicile and intend to remain there.
Identification of the child is required (original document or certified copy required)
If a name difference is evident in the records, notify missing persons information clearinghouse of both names.
If the records are not furnished within 30 days, notify police or sheriff, to determine if child is reported as missing.
If alterations are noted in records, or falsification exists, notify police and missing persons information clearinghouse.
Notify parents of liability for falsification of school records. Texas Penal Code 37.10; TEC 25.001 and 25.002
Parent designates contact people and pickup names and telephone numbers.
Managing Conservator designates list of people authorized to be contacted in emergency, or those who may remove the child from the school
Managing Conservator cannot deny non-custodial parent the right to be contacted about the child’s education, absent court order.
Managing Conservator can tell school not to release student to possessory conservator as long as court order does not begin period of possession at school, or contain other contrary language.
Non-custodial parent can designate his/her rights to another individual through a fully completed district power of attorney.


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