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Administration & Human Resources Division
Restorative Practices
Starting with the 2015-2016 school year Restorative Practices will be initiated at the middle schools and the 9th grade campuses. Restorative Discipline changes how negative behaviors are viewed.  Traditional discipline deals with breaking rules followed by punishment:  ISS, suspensions, alternative placements. Restorative Discipline sees the school as a community and that certain behaviors harm the community.  Students whose behavior has harmed the community reflect and analyze their behavior with a trained facilitator.  The harmer meets with the person or persons harmed in a respectful and carefully facilitated way.  The harmer takes responsibility for the harm and makes a plan for future situations.  The harmer repairs the harm and makes reparations for the harm.  The community is restored.  There will continue to be some behaviors and situations that call for traditional consequences but those will also be mediated in the Restorative way.


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