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Federal Stimulus Funding
Southwest Independent School District
Federal Stimulus Funding
The Southwest Independent School District has applied for stimulus monies available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The total amount of expected funding for 2009-10 is $8.65 million, plus an additional application of 2010-11 of $3,120,024.

The guiding principles of this act are:
  • Save and create jobs
  • Ensure accountability and transparency
  • Invest one-time funds thoughtfully
  • Improve student achievement through school improvement and reform
Hopefully these principles will stimulate the economy in the short term and invest in education to ensure long-term economic health of our nation.
The purpose of this website is to show the community and taxpayers how the monies will be spent to benefit the children of our district.
As soon as the Act was signed into law by President Obama on February 17, 2009, plans begin to be formulated as to the best way to meet the needs of the district within the guidelines given. With the needs of the children at the forefront, Academic Coaches and principals from each school were brought together for brainstorming sessions.  Food Service managers also compiled needs list for the applications for cafeteria equipment. These needs assessments were then presented to the Superintendent and her cabinet.  Final plans were made and applications were completed.  As mentioned, total monies could reach $11.9 million for the two year period.  All monies must be expended by September 30, 2011.

After the initial setup, quarterly reports will be included under each project.  These reports should begin with the quarter ending September 30, 2009.
Project 1 - Equipment Assistance Grants for School Food Authorities.  Project awarded $223,951 by the Department of Agriculture (DOA).
Southwest Food Service Department had 5 schools chosen by the DOA to receive these competitive grants.  Priority was given to schools with at least 50 percent of their students being eligible for free or reduced-priced meals.

Receiving these grants were Indian Creek Elementary, Hidden Cove Elementary, McAuliffe Middle School, Scobee Middle School, and Southwest High School.

The new kitchen equipment will provide for greater energy efficiency and increase the nutritional value of school meals by replacing deep-frying cooking methods and allowing for greater use of fresh ingredients. (TDA, 6-11-09)

This project is the only one that requires all expenditures to be completed by September 30, 2009.

Expenditures through December 30, 2009 are $233,951 or 100% of the grant.
Project 2 - Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).  Awarded $2,480,279 Texas Education Agency.
These funds are to help school districts ensure that children with disabilities, including children aged three through five, have access to a free appropriate public education to meet each child’s unique needs and prepare each child for further education, employment, and independent living.

Further, they will provide school districts an unprecedented opportunity to implement innovative strategies to improve outcomes for infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities while stimulating the economy.

Expenditures through June 30, 2011 are $2,388,255 or 99.6% of the budgeted amount.

Number of jobs created or retained is 4.09
Project 3 – Title I Stimulus Funds. Awarded $2,508,424 by Texas Education Agency
This program provides financial assistance to school districts with high numbers or high percentages of poor children to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.

Southwest ISD will use the monies to fund the family literacy programs, writing programs, as well as extended day activities, to purchase teacher technology, and school library books and supplies.

This project will be used in the elementary grades.

Expenditures through June 30, 2011 are $1,499,627 or 57.5% of the budgeted amount

Number of jobs created or retained is 9.77
Project 4 – Title II-D Enhancing Education through Technology (Ed Tech).  Awarded $82,187 by the Texas Education Agency.
The primary goal of the Ed Tech program is to improve student academic achievement through the use of technology in schools.  It is also designed to ensure that every student is technologically literate by the end of the eighth grade and to encourage the effective integration of technology with teacher training and curriculum development to establish successful research-based instructional methods.

Expenditures through June 30, 2011 are $66,456 or 80.86% of the grant.

Number of jobs created or retained is 0.0
Project 5 – Title XIV State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (SFSF). Awarded $3,152,798 for the 2009-10 school year and another $3,128,024 has been awarded for the 2010-11 school year.
These funds will help stabilize school district budgets in order to minimize and avoid reductions in educational staff.  This program will help ensure that districts have the resources to avert cuts and retain teachers.

This project will fund certain staff at Southwest High School.

Expenditures through June 30, 2011 are $2,699,218 or 86.41% of the budgeted amount.

Number of jobs created or retained is 57.00
Project 6 – Title VII-B McKinney-Vento Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program.  Awarded $33,366.
These funds are intended to ensure that staff and students are made aware of the homeless and their plight.

Expenditures through June 30, 2011 are $33,365 or 100% of the budgeted amount.

Number of jobs created or retained is 0.0
Project 7 - Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) Preschool. Awarded $61,769 by TEA
These funds will help districts will help districts work with preschool, age 3-5, who have disabilities to have access to a free appropriate public education, to meet each child's unique needs, and prepare them to better enter the school setting.

Expenditures through June 30, 2011 are $62,205 or 100% of the budgeted amount.

Number of jobs created or retained is 0.0
Project 8 - Education Jobs Fund. Awarded $2,010,091 by TEA
These funds are designed to save or create education jobs for school level employees that provide education related services for early childhood or secondary education.

Expenditures through June 30, 2011 are $0 or %0 of the budgeted amount.

Number of jobs created or retained is 0.0


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