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Calendar of Events Procedures
A Master Calendar will be maintained by the Public Relations office. Any event open to the community, events scheduled after hours, and major events inviting the Board or Administration must be cleared through the Public Relations office before they are scheduled to avoid conflicts or overbooking.
Monthly Calendar of Events will be due to the Public Relations Office via email or fax no later that the 10th of the month prior to the production of the calendar, ie.: September calendar is due August 10th, November calendar is due October 10th, etc.
Exceptions: when the 10th falls on a weekend, the calendar is due the Friday before the 10th. The January calendar is due with the December calendar  on December 10th, the March calendar will be due early because of Spring Break, and the June, July, August calendar is due May 10th.
All events should be posted by the campus or department by an employee identified by the Supervisor of that campus or department. Local campus events will be posted to the web, along with the community events by the identified employee. In addition, all events open to the community will be produced in the District monthly Calendar of Events sent to the Public Relations office.
It is the responsibility of the campus principal or department supervisor to insure that calendars are posted to the web and sent to the Public Relations Office in a timely fashion.


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