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SWISD Communications

SWISD Communications Department

Media and Policies
Open Records Requests
According to Local Board Policy GBA (legal)-PRM, a person may request, in writing, the inspection and/or duplication of public information material. In the Southwest District, these requests should be directed to Adriana Garcia, Ph.D., Director of Public Relations to log in the request. The request will be directed to the proper department for processing, then returned to Adriana Garcia, Ph.D. for logging out and mailing (or emailing) to the requestor.
Media Interviews or Filming
If the media desires to interview or speak with a school employee or student, please contact Adriana Garcia, Ph.D. at 210 622-4713, email, or fax request at 210 622-4331. The requested person will be contacted by Dr. Garcia and given the call-back number of the requestor for purposes of the interview. Principals and administrators will not respond to media calls without clearance from the Public Relations Office, but verbal clearance from that office is all that is required.
If an on-campus interview is desired, clearance through the PR office must be secured first, then arrangements will be made between the Principal or administrator and the media requesting interview.


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