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ESSAC Award Criteria
Educational Support Staff Advisory Council of SWISD
“You Make a Difference”
ESSAC created the Outstanding Support Staff of the Month Award in an effort to recognize and honor outstanding dedication and contributions by a Support Staff Member of Southwest Independent School District.  Below are the criteria used to select the individual.

Outstanding Achievement on the Job: Actions that constitute performance beyond expected standards, such as:
  • Producing high quality of work over an extended period of time
  • Producing high quantity of work over an extended period of time
  • Giving extra effort to complete a job or handle a heavier workload
  • Filling in when department is short-staffed
  • Volunteering for and working on special projects
  • Serving on a committee and contributing to its success
Exceptional Contributions towards the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Operations:
Actions that contribute to the maximum utilization of departmental resources, such as:
  • Integrating information or equipment for more efficient/effective use
  • Developing new work methods that reduce waste or stretch resources
  • Eliminating unnecessary actions or steps for delivering service
  • Making creative suggestions that save time/money
Outstanding Service To Other Employees or Visitors:  Actions that are especially helpful or make a good impression on others, such as:
  • Doing things for others that are beyond job requirements
  • Performing in an exceptionally courteous and cooperative manner
  • Being so helpful that others write letters of appreciation
ESSAC will be taking new nominations every month. If you know of a support staff worthy of this award please submit the application and forward to Annie Britton in the Accounting Department. The Award will be given monthly to one individual and will be presented along with a certificate of outstanding service and a gift valued at $25.00.

Nomination form should be brief, concise, and complete.  Please forward to Annie Britton c/o ESSAC no later than the 15th of the Month.  Award will be presented on the 4th Monday of each month.

  • Name of Nominee
  • Internal signed narrative statement of the individual’s exceptional contributions in any or all of the following areas. (2-4 categories acceptable)
  • achievement on the job (ability in performing duties)
  • assistance to students, faculty or visitors to SWISD
  • contribution towards the effectiveness and efficiency of SWISD operations
  • participation in SWISD-related activities or committees
“ESSAC” Educational Support Staff Advisory Council Executive Board will select the award recipient, based on the nominations submitted. No award may be given if no nominations meet the attached criteria.


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