Curbside Meal Plan

Child Nutrition Meal Service Plan

Phase II:  Beginning September 8th, 2020 

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Curbside Meals Cooking & Heating Instructions


Curbside Feeding Sites
Curbside Meal Distribution Update*
Curbside meal distribution will end this Friday, September 18th, at McNair and Resnik Middle Schools. Parents and students that utilized the Curbside service at McNair or Resnik are encouraged to visit the nearest SWISD elementary campus to pick up their meals beginning Monday, September 21st (Elm Creek Elementary for McNair and Spicewood or Bob Hope for Resnik). We will continue to operate our Curbside meal distribution at all SWISD elementary schools and Scobee Middle School.

Southwest Elementary

Sky Harbour Elementary

Bob Hope Elementary

Big Country Elementary

Hidden Cove Elementary

Medio Creek Elementary

Sun Valley Elementary 

Spicewood Park Elementary 

Elm Creek Elementary

Kriewald Road Elementary

Indian Creek Elementary

McNair Middle School

Scobee Middle School

Resnik Middle School

Child Nutrition meal distribution will end on Friday, October 16th for all Satellite Sites (Camino Creek Mobile Home Park, Canyon Crossing Public Park, Crestwood Estates Mobile Home Park, Esperanza Apartments, Rosemont at Miller's Pond Apartments, and Rosemont at Palo Alto Apartments).  This is a change from our original communication that Satellite Sites would end on October 23rd.  This change was necessary in order for our cafeteria staff to be prepared to serve increasing numbers of Face-to-Face learning students in school beginning on Monday, October 19th.

• Rosemont @ Miller's Pond Apartments - 10:30 am - 11:20 am
• Camino Creek Mobile Home Park - 10:30 am - 11:20 am
• Rosemont @ Palo Alto Apartments - 10:30 am - 11:20 am
• Esperanza Apartments - 11:45 am - 12:35 pm (pending)
• Canyon Crossing Public Park - 11:45 am - 12:35 pm
• Crestwood Mobile Home Park - 11:45 am - 12:35 pm


Feeding Times – Curbside Grab & Go and Face-to-Face (In School) Learning

Breakfast will be served during scheduled breakfast times each morning to students who are attending face-to-face instruction in the schools.  Students who have opted to continue virtual learning will continue to receive their breakfast meal during the daily lunch time Curbside meal distribution, which will take place from 10:30AM - 12:30PM, Monday through Friday.   Students doing Face-to-Face (In School) learning will receive breakfast and lunch during their scheduled breakfast and lunch meal periods each day.  

Curbside meal distribution will not operate on school holidays.  

Curbside Meal Distribution will be serving 5 days per week, from 10:30 AM– 12:30 PM.    

Monday: Monday Lunch + Tuesday Breakfast
Tuesday: Tuesday Lunch + Wednesday Breakfast
Wednesday: Wednesday Lunch + Thursday Breakfast
Thursday: Thursday Lunch + Friday Breakfast
Friday: Friday Lunch + Monday Breakfast 


Feeding Site Closure

In the event that a CN employee contracts COVID and has exposed his/her co-workers, that site will be closed until the kitchen can be deep cleaned and sanitized.  We will follow SWISD protocol for re-instating employees back into the workplace.  If an entire kitchen staff must quarantine, we will staff that kitchen with other CN Cafeteria Workers during the quarantine period.  If we cannot staff the kitchen enough to support Curbside meal distribution during the quarantine period, we will direct parents/students to the nearest available Curbside site to get their meals. 


Face-to-Face (In School) Learning

Students will follow the meal-time procedures established by the campus they attend.  The menu for In-School meals will be the same as the Curbside menu.

Curbside Service

Child Nutrition staff at all Curbside sites will transport meals from the kitchen to the bus drop-off area of each campus.  Meals will be held in temperature-controlled containers to ensure food safety.  Traffic flow for Curbside meals will be in a contra-flow pattern to allow for distancing between those picking up meals and CN staff.  Meals will be distributed in a “Grab & Go” method from these locations. 

Required Information for Curbside and Satellite Site Meal Pickup
Students must provide their name, ID number, and home campus before they can receive a meal. Parents picking up meals for students must provide the student's name, ID number, home campus and have one of the following forms of identification for each student (Student's Birth Certificate, Student’s Report Card, Student’s Progress Report, Student ID Card, or SWISD Student Meal Registration Form).

*Curbside and Satellite Site meal distribution will not be available on Monday, October 12th due to Columbus Day

Meal Caps

Meal caps will only be put in place if the demand at any of the campuses exceeds their kitchen’s production ability.  If meal caps are put in place and a site meets their daily cap, parents/students will be directed to the nearest SWISD Curbside or Satellite Site to pick up their meals.


All meals must be linked to a SWISD student, therefore CN staff must be provided with the SWISD student’s name and ID number before the meals can be handed out.  SWISD students will NOT need to go to their home campus to pick up a meal.  A parent/student may pick up a meal at the campus or satellite site nearest to them.  We are considering sending a CN staff member to all Satellite Sites to assist with the accountability and accuracy of the counting and claiming procedures.       


The menu for Curbside service will be straight “Serve” only.  There will not be an “Offer versus Serve” option, meaning that students will receive all five meal components.  The only exception is that the students will have a choice of milk.  

Some of the menu items which are served cold will need to be cooked/reheated at the student’s home.  Instructions and food safety reminders will be sent with the meals for the first week.    

Students with special diet needs will be accommodated to the best of our abilities.  We will work in conjunction with the parents of the students needing modified diets to serve their student and to determine which campus they’ll be getting their meals from.

We will make every effort to adhere to the components and meal regulations, as the food supply allows.  

The menu is subject to change and may change on a daily basis due to the unpredictability of whether or not we receive items that we ordered or receive them in the quantities that we ordered.  Cafeteria Managers have been given the authority to change the menu for their site based on the availability of product in their kitchen.  We are committed to ensuring that everyone that needs a meal will receive one, but we cannot commit to a set menu at this time.