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3 Ways to Pay for your Student’s Meals

Online Pre-Payments:

Adding funds to your student’s account is easy: First, access your account on and add your students. You will need to have your student’s ID number in order to set up a payment account for them. If you have multiple children, you can make multiple deposits for each child during your transaction. Next, make a payment. The deposit amount can be placed against a credit card, debit card or your checking account. All payments are securely processed using their highly secure website and encryption. There is a convenience fee to pay online.

Check Payments:

Make checks payable to the school cafeteria your child attends (example “SW Elementary Cafeteria”) and bring or send your check to the cafeteria and include the student’s name and ID number on the check.

Cash Payment:

Cash can be brought to your student’s campus cafeteria for deposit into their account, or students may pay with cash on a daily basis.