2012 Bond Information

The Proposal

Capacity Projects
      New High School & Middle School Campus - 116.4 Million
      Technology Center Expanision - 0.7 Million
      Buses - 3.1 Million
      Technology - 10.0 Million

Equity Projects
      Southwest High School Renovations - 11.3 Million
      McAuliffe Middle School Additions & Renovations - 10.3 Million
      Big Country Elementary Renovations - 4.3 Million
      Indian Creek Elementary Renovations - 5.2 Million

Maintenance Projects
      Main Campus Roads - 1.8 Million
      Elm Creek Utilities - 0.8 Million
      9th Grade Roof - 1.1 Million

Total Bond Package - 165.0 Million
The Project Breakdown
New 2500 student High School (Southwest Legacy) to provide for growth.
New 1200 student Middle School (Judith Resnik) to provide for growth.
Southwest High School
Renovations to original 1982 building
Accessibility improvements 
Electrical and Technology improvements 

McAuliffe Middle School (construction in progress)

Addition of Science Laboratories 
Renovation of Administration Area
Accessibility improvements
Renovations to parking lot
Renovations to roof
Renovations to existing classrooms
Big Country Elementary(construction in progress)
Provide Science Laboratories
Renovation to Administration Area
Replacement of A/C units
Parking lot renovations
Renovation to existing classrooms
Gym renovations

Indian Creek Elementary (construction in progress)

Renovations to Administration area
Replacement of A/C units
Roof renovations
Gym renovations
Renovations to existing classrooms

Elm Creek Elementary
Renovation to Elm Creek Sewer
Enlarge Parking at Elm Creek
Paint Interior and exterior of standpipe
Main Campus 
Renovation to existing Roads at Main Campus
Renovations to roof at 9th grade campus

Technology Building
Enlarge technology server room 
Upgrade electrical
Hardware District Wide
Infrastructure District Wide

Buses to maintain the fleet
The Timeline
      January - May - Meet w/ Growth & Planning Committee
      May 15 - Board Orders Bond Election
      November 6 - Bond Election
      January-May 2013 - Sell first series of bonds

      January-May 2014 - Start Construction
The Growth The Q & A
1. Why did the District spend money on items like the fence art and arches instead of more books for the classroom?
      The Spirit Initiative was designed to encourage students to identify and be proud of each school they attend. Research has shown that students that belong to and are involved in their school are more successful. 

2. Is the technology money already planned for and are we keeping up with the latest technology?
      Technology is changing at a very fast rate and the District has integrated standard computers and laptops into everyday classroom experiences at this time. The District is currently piloting iPad class sets in one 3rd grade and one 4th grade class in each of the elementary schools. By the end of this school year, every teacher will have an iPad. The District will continue to monitor the improvements in technology and utilize the best forms available at the time to ensure that we meet the Vision 2015 goal. 

3.What has been the fiscal responsibility of the District in regards to student learning?
      The District in the last year has invested highly in a standardized curriculum that will be utilized in all campuses K-12. This new rigorous curriculum will be implemented over the next 3-4 years to ensure that students are career and college ready by the time they graduate. The District is also investing in leadership training for our students that will teach them responsibility and skills to be successful not only in academics, but in life. 

4. Where are all the new students coming from?
      There are currently houses being built in 8 subdivisions (Carmona Hills, Solana Ridge, Hillcrest, Wolf Creek, Amber Creek, Luckey Ranch, Hunters Pond) in the District. There is also the potential that homes that were built and occupied in earlier years are just now having children that are reaching school age. Based upon a demographic study by Bob Templeton, of Templeton Demographics, SWISD is the 4th fastest growing District in Bexar County. Please see the demographic study on the Bond Website. 

5. How will the District monitor technology use in the classroom and will students still learn to write?
      Technology use is no different than the use of a book in the classroom, the goal of each teacher is SWISD is to ensure that the students in their class are engaged in a way that they can learn. The District is placing an emphasis on writing and is implementing a highly successful writing program called Abydos to ensure that students learn to write well. 

6. When will the District need to have another bond?
      Based upon a growth rate of 2.3% the District will not need another bond for 8 to 10 years. This is when we believe that our elementary schools will start to reach capacity and some will be using portable buildings in the last few years. This will require the change of attendance zones, which we look at every three years. 

7. Will the presentation be available in Spanish?
      Yes, the final community meeting will be presented in both Spanish and English. If you would like additional information in Spanish, you can call 622-4330 and leave a message and someone will contact you. 

8. Is there a plan to expand the Scobee parking lot?
      There is currently not a plan to expand the Scobee parking lot due to the lack of space on the site, but we will look at the situation and see what can be done. 

9. What are the plans for parking at BCE?
      Big Country is also very limited in space, but we would like to work with the County and see about placing pick-up lanes on Skull Valley to relieve some of the pick up traffic in the afternoon. 

10. If the Bond fails, what is Plan B for science labs at BCE?
      The District could use fund balance to renovate one of the portables for science labs. 

11. Will we be able to fix the sewer system at McAuliffe?
      The District installed some check valves on the sewer late last year and this should help. If there continues to be a problem, we will continue to work on this and if need be address it in the bond projects. 

12. How will faculty be included in the additions/modifications planning to McAuliffe?
      The District will receive input from campus administration and staff on any renovation project. 

13. Will all of the bonds be sold at the same time?
      The Bonds will be sold in three series in 2013, 2015, and 2017, based upon the needed funding of the projects. 

14. When will the new schools open?
      The new middle school will open in Fall 2016 and the new high school will open Fall 2017. 

15. Which roads will be repaired?
      The roads that are within campuses owned by the District will be considered for repair. 

16. Can the early voting site stay open on a Saturday or later?
      The sites and times for voting have been approved by the Justice Department and cannot be changed at this time. 

17. When will maintenance projects start?
      Maintenance projects may start as early as the summer of 2013, depending on funding and if the planning and bidding process can be completed in time. 

18. Will any of the funds be used to help with the flooding and update the restrooms at the Stadium?
    There are no plans within the bond to expend funds on the stadium.