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Parent Information

Virtual Pre-K
Leasing/Checkout Options and Guidelines

Click here for more information about the VPK program and how to register.
1:1 iPads - 2nd through 5th Grades
All 5th grade students in a SWISD elementary are issued an iPad for classroom use during the school day.  The device stays at school and is not available for checkout at this time.  
Required App List

Recommended App List

Student iPad Pledge

SWISD Safety Net Program

iPad Carts
Elementary Campuses:  In addition to 1:1 iPads for all 5th grade students, each elementary has a minimum of 2 additional carts of 25 iPads.  At least one cart is assigned to 3rd grade and another to 4th grade.  The teachers in these grade levels reserve the carts for classroom usage throughout the year.  Many campuses have additional carts and iPads that are used at various grade levels.  These devices are not currently available for home use.

Middle Schools: Each middle school has 3 carts of 30 iPads available.  Teachers reserve the devices for student usage in the classroom. These devices are not currently available for home use.
Surface RT Program (SWHS)
Surface RT tablets are available for SWHS student use at both the main campus and 9th grade annex.  

Checkout: Students at the main campus can check-out a Surface RT from the campus library.  Prior to checking out the device, students must have a signed RT Agreement form on file in the library. This form must be signed by both the student and the parent.  Check-out is through the library system, with due dates, responsibilities, and consequences aligned with library procedures.

Classroom: Classroom sets of Surface RT tablets are availble for teacher checkout and student classroom use.  The tablets that are a part of the classroom set are not availble for check-out.
Surface RT Agreement
Windows 8 Program
Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and 9th grade students at McAuliffe, McNair, Scobee, and Southwest HS have the oportunity to be issued a Windows 8 tablet for Educational use at school and home.  A $40 usage fee will be charged for students choosing to accept a device for the school year.

All students at Southwest Academy have access to Windows8 tablets through class sets of tablets.

Parent Checkout Agreement