Open Records


According to Local Board Policy GBA (legal)-PRM, a person may request, in writing, the inspection and/or duplication of public information material. In the Southwest District, these requests should be submitted through the Open Record Request online form or directed to Janice Hernandez, Director of Communications.


1.Party requesting Open Records must submit the request in writing. You can either go through the Open Record Request online form, email Janice Hernandez, Communications Director or send the request to the Communications Department, 11914 Dragon Lane, San Antonio, Texas 78252-2647, attention Janice Hernandez. If a campus or department receives a request, the request should be forwarded to the Communications Office immediately for logging in.

2.The written request will be logged in the day it is received. The 10-day (work day) preparation time will be noted, beginning the day after receipt, and a copy of the request will be forwarded to the person responsible for information requested (usually PEIMS info, directory info or budget or Special Ed or general information.)

3.By the 10th day after receipt of written request, an answer should be forthcoming to the requestor: the information requested, or the charges that would be incurred (if any) with procedure for payment of charges, or a letter from Southwest ISD requesting an extension on the time to process with valid reason.

4.When any of the above communications occur, a notation will be made of when the request was completed.

Charge for request: Charges for Open Records requests will be made payable to the Southwest ISD and must be received prior to processing information, unless other arrangements have been made.