External Funding Forms

Campuses and the District must adhere to specific criteria and standard for approving, evaluating, and using federal, state, and other external funds.  The department of External Funding follows all federal, state, and external regulations and laws to ensure the district is in compliance of these standards.  Policies, procedures, guidelines, and specific forms are created to ensure the compliance with these laws. Failure to adhere to our compliance guidelines can result in loss of funding, legal actions, or reprimand from TEA or the DOE.  

Therefore, the External Funding Department will ensure the compliance with all written policies and procedures.  Campuses, departments, personnel, and the district will follow all written guidelines, policies, procedures, and standard to ensure compliance to these laws; to include, timeliness of procurement, completion of documentation, planning for use of funding, aligning needs with activities, accuracy of documentation, and assurance of understanding of the federal, state and external funding expectations prior to use of funds.