Purchasing Mission Statement

Mission Statement

It's our mission as a support department of the District charged with the acquisition of goods and services requested by instructional and administrative departments, the Purchasing Department will function in a manner consistent with applicable laws, School Board policies, the Uniform Commercial Code and other sound business practices. The Purchasing Department shares the responsibility of expending District funds in such a manner that will meet all requirements of the State, Federal, and District procurement regulations and safeguard the public trust. The Purchasing Department is responsible for the administration of the purchasing functions for the District in accordance with the authority delegated by the Superintendent and Board of Trustees.


It is the GOALS of the Purchasing Department to:

  1. Obtaining the best product at the lowest cost to the taxpayer while complying with all federal, state and local laws as well as District policies and guidelines.
  2. Educating and informing all internal and external customers about District rules, regulations, and methodology for the basis for bid awards.
  3. Is to provide the goods and services required by the school district in the most seamless way possible and with excellent customer service