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SWISD Home Intervention Program
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Home Intervention Program Goals
In an effort to help our students struggling in the areas of Math and Science from grade 3rd through Exit, throughout the district, the Home Intervention Program (HIP) was created.  This is the inaugural year of the program.  The goal of the program is to provide students an opportunity to get additional practice at home in areas within their subject that have been traditionally challenging for our students.
Program Implementation
Each campus will identify the students who can benefit from this program the most in December 2010.  Every campus will then select a  group of HIP Managers, led by one HIP Manager Leader.  Each HIP Manager will service 15 students & parents on campus.  Each manager will be in charge of working with students that the campus has identified as needing this additional help through benchmark and TAKS data.  The managers will set up a meeting between the parents, students and themselves to explain the goal of the program, and then distribute materials for the students to work on at home. These materials will be completed in a designated time, then returned to the HIP manager on another designated date.  The materials will then be returned to the student’s homeroom teachers by the HIP Managers.  There will be four meetings by the HIP Managers to distribute a total of 15 modules per subject (5 modules per meeting), this includes one final meeting to turn in materials.
HIP Modules

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