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SWISD Home Intervention Program

Home Intervention Program Roles
HIP Manager
As the HIP Manager for your designated group of students, your role is to meet with parents three times.  Explain the program and goals.  Distribute materials to the parents and students.  Collect materials from students as per the timeline.  Return materials to the content teacher in a timely basis.  Work with administrators to make sure that materials are being returned in the allowed timeline and contact parents when needed.
Content Teacher
As the teacher of record for the student, your role is to use the modules that the students return to determine what academic assistance you might be able to provide the student.  Meet with the student and review the modules together and determine what next steps you might provide to help them achieve success on the TAKS Test.
As the campus administrator in charge of the program, your role is to assist the teachers in making sure that the meetings take place between the managers and parents.  If students are not returning the materials to the managers, then your role is to intervene and contact the parents to get the students back on track.
As the parent, your role is to make sure that you attend the meetings with the managers.  Also to insure that the students are working on their modules at home and returning the materials to mangers as per the deadlines and time frames that have been discussed.
As the student, your role is to attend the meetings with your parents.  Also you need to make sure that you work on the modules and get them turned in to the manager in the designated time frame.


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