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Please use the links below for online enrollment.

New Student Registration (Pre-K - 12)
Click here to register. (English & Spanish)

Parents registering their children for Pre-K must also complete a Head Start application.
Click here to complete this application.

Please contact your child's school for assistance with the online registration process.
Please use Google Chrome or Firefox when using the link to complete your child's online registration.

Parents or legal guardians, when registering your children online, you will be asked to upload and attach the documents and information listed below for each child.  A PDF version of each requested document is recommended.    
• Current Proof of Residency of Parent or Legal Guardian 
(Utility bill with the physical address of the residence dated within the last 30 days)
• Current Lease Agreement if Leasing a Property and Current Rent Receipt Dated Within the Last 30 Days
• Official State Issued Birth Certificate 
• Social Security Card 
• Current Immunization Record
• State Issued Picture Identification Card of Parent or Legal Guardian Registering the Student
• Extended Residence Form (If Applicable)
• Power of Attorney (If Applicable)
• Divorce Decree, Court Orders (If Applicable)
• End of Year Report Card (Grades K-8)
• Prior District Transcript (Grades 9-12)

Parents or legal guardians registering their children for Pre-K will have to provide the following documents and information in addition to those listed above.
• Proof of Gross Income
 - Current paychecks that reflect the past two months of employment for both parents. (If Applicable)
• 1040 Tax form for the previous year. (for Head Start Consideration)
• Current SNAP Notice of Eligibility that documents benefits begin and end dates with child listed as a dependent.
• Current TANF Benefit Letter documenting when benefits begin and end.  
• Self-employed parents must have previous year's 1040 tax form.
• Completion of the Military Registration Form and military ID or Statement of Service letter for active-duty military from DOD with information regarding dependants.
• For dependents of military injured or killed while in active duty service with Veterans Administration paperwork documenting benefits for a child.