Hidden Cove STEAM 6th Graders Start Business

Beads, Beads, Get your Bead Bracelets! At Hidden Cove STEAM Academy, the 6th grade team of entrepreneurs has soared above and beyond traditional learning. These ambitious scholars have built a successful business by conducting product research, and implementing sales strategies to enhance the visibility of their products. In a very short time, the students have learned how to market products, manage inventory, and create marketing strategies. The products offered for purchase include two variations of bead bracelets and loom bead bracelets. The leadership of the scholars has left their community truly impressed and offering support. The profits earned will contribute to the enhancement of education outside the classroom, such as field lessons as well as providing a new source of adventure in the purchase of a new set of books for the classroom. The Eagle scholars have shown tremendous dedication, responsibility and pride to their community and together we are soaring to new heights.
Hidden Cove STEAM Academy is accepting applications for the 2022-2023 School Year. Learn more about SWISD's innovative STEAM Academy for PreK-6th grade! https://bit.ly/hiddencoveSTEAM