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Thank you for choosing SWISD!

Welcome to Southwest Independent School District. Southwest ISD is a distinguished, award-winning school district with numerous recognitions at both the region and state levels. SWISD prides itself in its family-friendly schools, positive and inclusive community culture, and wide-range of college and career-ready programs.  Southwest ISD serves 13,200 students and 1,900 employees and is comprised of 11 elementary schools, four middle schools and three high schools with state-of-the-art athletic facilities and a brand new natatorium.

To continue, select one of the following options:

Has the student you are registering ever attended a SWISD campus?




(Use the login created when the registration was started)

Do you have (or have you ever had a Parent Self Serve (PSS) account? 

*PSS is the portal to check grades and attendance






  • To recover the User ID click the "Forgot User ID" button (RED box in image below)
  • To reset the Password, click the "Forgot Password" button (blue box in image below) 
Rest Login Info

Please check your email account SPAM or JUNK folder as most password resets are treated as spam by internet providers.

If you do not find the email in your spam/junk folder, you may not have provided the correct username for your Parent Self Serve account. Username Recovery is available at the Online Registration Portal Login

Please check the following items:

  • Parent/Guardian and Student names MUST MATCH EXACTLY with existing records in the system. Please check all spelling, capitalization, spacing and punctuation. Additionally, check that all names are entered or hyphenated as listed on the certified birth certificate. Be sure to use the name on the birth certificate, not the preferred name of the child, if it is different.
  • For Student ID, do not enter the child’s entire email address but only the numbers in the ID assigned to the child (same as the lunch number).
  • For SSN or State ID Number, enter SSN assigned by Social Security Administration without dashes. If you enrolling your child without a SSN, please contact the campus for the ID to use in this field.
  • For Parent/Guardian email, enter as all lowercase letters.
  • Returning to Southwest ISD:  contact the school office. The school will merge all students and link to your current account for visibility.
  • New to Southwest ISD, choose “Add a Student” in the drop down list, and complete the process

The school your student is zoned to attend, based on your address in the system, will populate for enrollment. You will not be able to change the zoned school. Complete the form with the selected school.

If you have an approved transfer, letter of acceptance to an academy, or need to update the address, contact the either the zoned or new campus to update it in the system. The school name will be updated once all paperwork has been validated.

The school selected is based on the address provided in the system. If the address is incorrect, please contact your child’s school. The campus will be able to update it for you in the system.
After the parent or guardian finishes the online registration process and presses the “Complete Online Forms" button, the parent should see an “Online Enrollment Confirmation” on the screen that includes a confirmation number and the recommended option to print the page. Please note this confirmation number for reference.  This is your confirmation that you have completed the process.

Many parents or guardians can complete registration completely online. However, there are some who will need to visit the student’s campus prior to the first day of school to complete registration. You will need to visit the campus in person if:  

  • You have moved and your student is attending a new school this year  
  • Your student is new to Southwest ISD  
  • There is a custody/parent/guardian change for your student  
  • Your student is coming back to Southwest ISD from another school district/system for this school year
Southwest ISD will host events where you can complete the registration process including Registration Rallies, Meet the Teacher, and HS Camps.  Please visit our Back-To-School page for more information on these events.
The school selected is based on the address provided in the system. Please complete the process with this campus. Take the confirmation information to the desired campus.  If approved, they will be able to update it in the system.
To register your child, please follow the steps outlined for a New Student at the top of this page.

We understand that your custody documentation may necessitate a change to the account and who will complete the online registration. As a security precaution, we do not change the responsible parties without picture IDs.

Please contact your student’s school to assist with these changes.

Please use Google Chrome or Firefox when using the link to complete your child's online registration.