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Immunization Requirements

Get your BACK TO SCHOOL shots early!  Avoid the crowds & the stress!  
All events are now live on the University Health System website.  
Parents may register their child on or by calling 210-358-7020 as stated on the flyer.
Immunization Records:
* Parents or guardians are asked to bring their child’s vaccine record(s) so we can ensure they are not over/under-vaccinated. If the student is 18 years or older, they may bring their own vaccine records and attend the appointment alone.
* Once the patient is vaccinated, our team will provide you with a copy of a stamped and updated vaccine record.
* University Health follows CDC Guidelines in regard to vaccinations.
Cost for Vaccines:
*  For INSURED students, we are required to bill their insurance for vaccines. We will verify if their insurance is “In-network”, once they register online and turn in the consent form. If a patient is “Out of Network”, our team is responsible for contacting the student's parent/guardian to make them aware and get confirmation if the parent/guardian wants to proceed with the visit.
*  For UNINSURED students, we have a Vaccines for Children’s Grant (VFC), that covers vaccines for children 18 years old and younger. Students automatically qualify for the grant if they are uninsured, and are enrolled in Medicaid, CHIP, and/or Care Link. The state that provides the grant does charge an admin fee of $13.75/vaccine, however, this charge is NOT required to be paid at the time of visit.
*  If the parent/guardian has any questions/concerns regarding the charges associated with the visit, they can contact our main line at 210-358-7020.
Once all our appointment slots are taken, the event will no longer appear on the UHS website. Walk-ins are only available if not all appointment slots are taken and time allows.