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Bond Project Updates

On May 6, the SWISD community passed a $250,000,000 bond with a remarkable 71% of the vote. This achievement is a testament to the commitment and dedication of SWISD's board, staff, and community towards providing a high-quality education and safe learning environment for its students. We will continually update this page as we move forward and progress with bond projects.
Safety Upgrades at All Existing Campuses
Crews have begun installing safety film on our campuses' windows and door glass. Southwest Elementary will be the initial site for this installation project. The film will be applied to the glass's interior surface, with most applications on elementary campuses focusing on the entry doors and adjacent side lites.
Southwest ES - Complete
Elm Creek ES - Complete
Southwest Stadium Renovations (Proposition B)
At the September 19 Board meeting, the Board approved the Schematic Design drawings conceived and presented by Pfluger Architects. In a collaborative effort, District staff and Pfluger Architects identified the program and design requirements for the SWHS Stadium Press Box Renovation project.
SW Stadium Renovation
Professional Development/Student Center/Administrative Offices

The Board approved Kencon Constructors, LLC as the Construction Manager at Risk for the New Central Administration Building project at the September 19 Board Meeting. The contract for this undertaking amounts to $865,000.00 and will be funded through the bond. Bids for the CMAR contract were solicited on August 29, 2023, resulting in the receipt of 10 bids. These bids encompassed costs for both the pre-construction and construction phases, ranging from $665,204.00 to $2,745,298.00. District Staff and RVK Architecture meticulously evaluated and ranked the bidding firms based on the selection criteria published in the solicitation. Out of the 10 submitted bids, Kencon Constructors was the highest-scoring firm. Crews have begun surveying and preparing the area for the first phase in the construction of the new building.

Feb 25 - Abatement is ongoing and scheduled to be completed on Feb. 29. The demolition subcontractor is set to mobilize on site on Mar. 1.

New Additions to Meet Growing Needs
SWISD administration, board members, and community members have come together to start planning on constructing new elementary schools. This endeavor has been made possible through the approval of Bond 2023 funds. This collaborative effort is an example of proactive planning and community engagement, demonstrating a shared vision for the future of education within the Southwest ISD.
Kriewald Road School of the Arts Renovations
Kriewald Road is currently in the visioning phase with Huckabee. On Oct. 18, they held a kick-off meeting with staff and Board members to get initial input. 
Feb 25 - The architect is gathering information for the Schematic Design.
Bob Hope Elementary Additions
The Bob Hope SD drawings by O'Connell Robertson were presented and Approved at the Nov. 14 Brown Bag Meeting.
Feb 25 - The construction documents are 90% complete.  The general contractor is scheduled to receive subcontractor bids on Apr. 13, with the first phase of work beginning when school lets out.
Mar. 19 - The SWISD Board of Trustees has approved construction documents prepared by O’Connell Robertson, the firm selected to provide architecture services for the Bob Hope Elementary additions and renovation project. Collaboratively, district staff and O’Connell Robertson have identified the program and design requirements for the project. O’Connell Robertson has now completed the construction documents for the project, with an estimated budget of approximately $8,500,000.
Alvarado Elementary
Marmon Mok is currently working on the conceptual design of the new elementary.
Feb 25 - Trustees approved the Schematic Design drawings presented by Marmon Mok Architecture. Collaboratively, District staff and Marmon Mok Architecture meticulously identified the program and design requirements for the new Alvarado Elementary project. The budget for this project is approximately $39,900,000.
Bus Purchases
The board approved the purchase of ten new air-conditioned buses at the Oct. Board meeting. The order will take at least one year for the new buses to arrive.