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Boundary Adjustments

The Southwest ISD community is experiencing remarkable growth, with new homes being built within our current school attendance zones. This growth has resulted in a review of our boundaries to ensure that our schools remain at optimal capacity, providing an ideal learning environment for every student. We want to assure you that the well-being and success of our students are at the forefront of this decision.

The district has explored various alternatives to address the rapid enrollment growth, including allocating portable buildings, capping campus enrollment, sending students to campuses with surplus capacity, and building additions to existing facilities.

In defining our attendance areas, we thoroughly examined factors such as campus growth projections, capacity, feeder patterns, community unity (avoiding neighborhood splits), geographic proximity, frequency of change for students, and cost-effectiveness. We want to ensure our schools provide a positive and enjoyable learning atmosphere for all our students.

After careful consideration, the SWISD Board, in collaboration with the Growth and Planning Committee, approved boundary changes for the 2024-25 school year at the January 16, 2024 board meeting. 
These changes will impact portions of neighborhoods and impacted families will receive individual letters with detailed information about rezoning.

We want to thank all the Growth and Planning Committee members for their valuable input, ideas, and concerns. This committee played a crucial role in finding solutions to address the varying population trends across different areas of our district.

While change can be challenging, we believe adjusting school boundaries will contribute to a better educational experience where all students can thrive. Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and ongoing support as we navigate these positive changes together.
Approved Middle School Boundary Changes
Approved Elementary School Boundary Changes
Southwest ISD is undergoing significant enrollment growth, leading to the necessity of adjusting school boundaries to address overcrowding on current campuses. In addressing this challenge, the district explores various alternatives, including allocating portable buildings, capping campus enrollment, reassigning students to campuses with surplus capacity, and considering facility expansions where practical.
Our foremost priority is effectively managing enrollment growth, and to achieve this, we initially consider the following:
  • Campus growth projections
  • Capacity assessment

Additional factors taken into account include:
  • Feeder patterns
  • Preserving community unity by avoiding neighborhood splits
  • Geographic proximity
  • Minimizing the frequency of changes for students
  • Ensuring cost-effectiveness