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About Athletics

The Southwest ISD Athletic Department welcomes you to our athletic website where you can find athletic information at your fingertips, to include athletic contact information, game and practice schedules, ticket information, and much more. The Southwest ISD Athletic Department continues to strengthen traditions and continue to teach our values, mission and expectations to our student-athletes. Our vision is that all of our coaches are transformational leaders. Our mission is to help our student-athletes become great young women and men who may become better wives and husbands that will one day raise kids of their own to be great. We do this by working relentlessly to teach them our values, and habits that will aid them in choosing actions that will allow them to reach their purpose and goals in life. When we choose to do this we will strengthen their “inner coach” so that they may go out into the world with purpose and achieve all they choose to on purpose, with purpose. Our success in this mission will continue to make our community the great place it is today and better for those in the future. Without the community's great support, we could not do what we do.
The Southwest ISD Athletic Department will be a team of transformational leaders who provide opportunities for all student-athletes to be accountable, confident, resilient and successful global citizens.
It is our mission to either change or positively grow each of our student's inner coach, empower them to personify our values and execute the habits exhibited by highly effective people.
  • Opportunity for students to participate and compete in athletic competitions
  • Developing and encouraging the highest level of sportsmanship among athletes and fostering healthy attitudes toward athletic achievements
  • Provide student-athlete with academic and personal development experiences that significantly contribute to their successful movement into continued collegiate opportunities and/or productive careers
  • Opportunity for student-athletes to work towards scholarships within the department and outside entities
Athletics at Southwest ISD is a privilege; furthermore, a student is not required to participate in athletics to graduate from school. The SWISD Athletic Department is a unit of ethical leaders that report to the Athletic Director. The Athletic Department consists of the athletes, coaches, and staff associated with each sport, as well as the Athletic Director and the Director's staff.
The SWISD Athletic Department is designed to be a vital and integrated part of the student’s educational experience. Through participation in athletics, the student-athlete should develop carry-over values such as a sense of fair play, cooperation, responsibility, self-discipline, leadership and spiritual growth. Because participation in athletics is a privilege, a student athlete who violates general policies or procedures will be subject to discipline/consequences.
The coaching staff will work with each individual student-athlete to ensure appropriate sportsmanlike behavior. The coaching staff will address any violation of policies (sportsmanship, training rules, missing practice, poor attitude, etc.) with the desire to help the student-athlete.
The emphasis of the program clearly is on success as a student first and success as an athlete second.