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Visitor Information

First Day for Elementary Parents
On the first two days of school (8/21/2023 and 8/22/2023), parents with children in any grade level will be allowed to walk their children into their schools.  Parents will be asked to exit the building as soon as the bell rings so teachers can begin instruction.  On day three, parents will not be allowed to walk their children into campuses except in very special circumstances, such as special programming and for children enrolled on that specific day.  Parents are asked to meet with the school principal regarding special circumstances.  
Lunch Visits
Lunch visits will be allowed on the student’s birthday and once a month on a day that the campus principal designates for a special occasion related to district/campus goals, including student achievement, attendance, and customer service.  Parents may only bring lunch for their child. Sharing meals and offering lunch to other students is not permitted.  
Birthdays & Celebrations
Birthday food items cannot be homemade and must be store-bought. Balloons are not permitted for students on campuses or on buses.  
All campus visitors must have their picture IDs available at all times for proper processing through the visitor management system.  
Visitors to campuses are required to have their picture IDs available at all times.  Parents will not be allowed entry past the front offices of each campus, nor will they be allowed to meet with or sign out a student without a picture ID.  In case of parent emergencies, when someone other than the parent picks up a student, that individual must be listed on the approved emergency contact list AND have a valid picture ID.  Phone or text verifications will not be accepted.  To ensure the safety and well-being of all students, proper identification and parent permission granted on the emergency contact list are the only ways to prevent unauthorized individuals from picking up students.  
Late Afternoon Check-outs
To ensure a safe and smooth dismissal daily, the district has designated late afternoon check-out times for all campuses.  For elementary campuses, 3:00 p.m. is the latest that a parent may sign out a student before dismissal.  For middle schools, the cut-off time is 2:30 p.m.  For high schools, the cut-off time is 4:00 p.m. Any special circumstances may be discussed with the campus principal.