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Parent & Family Engagement


Southwest ISD has adopted six goals in the District Strategic Plan 2021 and the Parent & Family Engagement program utilizes parents, families and the community to target all six goals through a partnership with schools.


  • GOAL 1:  SWISD will provide a comprehensive framework of learning that is engaging, flexible, rigorous, supportive, and relevant to college/ career readiness for all students. 
  • GOAL 2:  SWISD will foster an environment in which social and emotional support is a priority for all. 
  • GOAL 3:  SWISD will constantly utilize timely multifaceted communication that reaches all member of our SWISD community.
  • GOAL 4:  SWISD will create a safe, nurturing and engaging environment where all students succeed.
  • GOAL 5:  SWISD will capitalize on the strengths, resources, and abilities of our diverse community to become successful, global citizens.
  • GOAL 6:  We will provide professional development for instructional methodology that is relevant to needs of students, teacher and administrators in a timely manner.