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Southwest Academy

The SouthWest Academy Program (SWAP) is an Alternate High School Program designed to meet the needs of students who have fallen behind in credits, are significantly off cohort (expected year of graduation) or experienced difficulty in a traditional learning environment. Students who attend SWAP are given opportunities to acquire the social, emotional and academic skills necessary to succeed and ultimately graduate from High School.  SWAP  features small classroom size, a unique mentorship approach, opportunities to accelerate learning, self paced instruction, attendance recovery and credit recovery. 
Admission Process
In order to begin the admission process, students should schedule an appointment with their campus counselor and fill out an application for the SWAP Program. The counselor will then determine eligibility and suitability, and make a recommendation. If approved, the parent or legal guardian must accompany the student through the intake (in Building 800) and complete, and sign, all necessary paperwork.  
Campus Point of Contact
For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact the campus Lead Counselor. 
SW HS            Lindsey Allen         210-622-4500 Ext. 2197
Legacy HS     Nicole Winslow     210-623-6539  Ext. 2012
CAST STEM   Elisha Frausto       210-622-4810  Ext. 4164