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School Social Workers

SWISD School Social Workers
SWISD School Social workers are trained mental health professionals with a degree in social work who provide services related to our student’s social, emotional and life adjustment to school and/or society. Our School Social Workers are the link between the home, school and community in providing direct as well as indirect services to students, families and school personnel to promote and support students' academic and social success. Click Here for more information about the services our Social Workers provide.


Student & Outreach Services Office


Marie C. Phelps


Student and Outreach Services

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Monica De Luna


Student and Outreach Services

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Our Role
  • We assist our students and families in identifying factors at home, school and/or community impact education success and work to reduce those barriers to learning. These barriers may include but are not limited to: truancy, alcohol, and other drug abuse, neglect, basic family needs, economic factors, behavioral difficulties, and mental health concerns.
  • We prepare the student so he/she can be successful in the classroom and at school
  • We educate the student in recognizing and managing emotions developing care and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, handling challenging situations, and how to reduce conflicts respectfully. Goal setting, decision making and problem solving are key components of instruction.
  • We support parents, teachers, and administrators in understanding the students' developmental and educational needs.
  • We serve as supportive links between school, home, and community resources.
  Social Worker   Phone Number Campus
  Vanessa Rose, LMSW   210-645-7560 ext. 2892 Big Country Elementary
  Analisa Arizpe, LCSW   210-927-8180 ext. 4707 Bob Hope Elementary
  Kwashia Campbell, LMSW   210-622-4430 ext. 4047 Elm Creek Elementary
  Roxanne De Hoyos, LMSW   210-623-6220 ext. 3146 Hidden Cove Elementary
  Anabel Sanchez, LMSW   210-623-6520 ext. 4021 Indian Creek Elementary
  Alexandra Perez, LMSW   210-645-7550 ext. 2121 Kriewald Road Elementary
  Roland Cornejo, LMSW   210-622-4950 ext. 3362 Medio Creek Elementary
  Lori Aleman, LCSW   210-623-6580 ext. 3451 Sky Harbour Elementary
  Debra Maldonado, LMSW   210-622-4420 ext. 3508 Southwest Elementary
  Madeline Oines, LMSW   210-622-4999 ext. 4045 Spicewood Park Elementary
  Nilda Castellanos, LMSW   210-645-7570 ext. 3640 Sun Valley Elementary
  Jocabeth Moreno, LMSW   210-623-6260 ext. 2343 McAuliffe Middle School
  Samantha Arnold, LCSW   210-622-4480 ext. 2547 McNair Middle School
  Celina Barerra, LMSW   210-622-4480 ext. 3993 Resnik Middle School
  Lori Perez, LMSW   210-645-7500 ext. 4020 Scobee Middle School
  Siva Taswell-Woods, LMSW   210-622-4810 ext. 4124 CAST STEM High School
  Alonzo Martinez, LMSW   210-622-4500 ext. 2025 Southwest High School
  Elsa Bummer, LMSW   210-622-4500 ext. 4112 Southwest High School
  Jeff Edwards, LCSW   210-623-6539 ext. 3236 Southwest Legacy High School
  Grace Salinas, LMSW   210-623-6539 ext. 2245 Southwest Legacy High School
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