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School Social Workers

SWISD School Social Workers


What is a School Worker? 


SWISD School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals with a degree in Social Work and are licensed by the State of Texas, who provide services for our students and families. Our School Social Workers act as a link between the home, school and community in providing direct and indirect services to students, families and school personnel to promote and support students' holistic growth and success. 

School Social Workers’ Responsibilities include:


Services to Students:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Individual and small group support 
  • Strategies to increase academic success
  • Strategies to increase social emotional success
  • McKinney Vento, Foster, Military


Services to Families:

  • Direct support 
  • Community resource referrals for utilities, glasses, food, clothing, mental health, special needs programs
  • Clothing closet
  • Food pantry & distributions


Services to Staff: 

  • Assess students with mental health concerns
  • Develop in-service training programs
  • Assist with student performance and behavior management support
  • Direct support and referrals
           Social Worker
                 Email                     Campus
Vacant   210-645-7560       ext.2838 Big Country Elementary
 Kimberly Vargas, LMSW   210-927-8180       ext.4707 [email protected] Bob Hope Elementary
Kwashia Campbell, LCSW   210-622-4430       ext.3040 [email protected] Elm Creek Elementary
Roxanne De Hoyos, LMSW   210-623-6220       ext.3146 [email protected] Hidden Cove S.T.E.A.M. Academy
Anabel Sanchez, LMSW   210-623-6520       ext.4021 [email protected] Indian Creek Elementary
Alexandra Thompson, LMSW   210-645-7550       ext.2121 [email protected] Kriewald Road School of the Arts
Hira Anjum, LMSW    210-622-4950       ext.3362 [email protected]  Medio Creek Elementary
Lori Aleman, LCSW   210-623-6580       ext.3451 [email protected] Sky Harbour Elementary
Debra Maldonado, LMSW   210-622-4420        ext.3508 [email protected] Southwest Elementary
Madeline Oines, LMSW   210-622-4999        ext.4045 [email protected] Spicewood Park Elementary
Nilda Castellanos, LMSW-AP   210-645-7570       ext.3640 [email protected] Sun Valley Elementary
Roland Cornejo, LMSW   210-623-6260       ext.2343 [email protected] McAuliffe Middle School
Fidela Noyola, LMSW   210-622-4480       ext.2547 [email protected] McNair Middle School
Celina Barerra, LMSW   210-622-4480       ext.3993 [email protected] Resnik Middle School
    210-645-7500       ext.4020 [email protected] Scobee Middle School
Siva Taswell-Woods, LMSW   210-622-4810       ext.4124 [email protected] CAST STEM High School
Vanessa Rose, LMSW   210-622-4500       ext.2025 [email protected] Southwest High School
Elsa Bulmer, LMSW   210-622-4500        ext.4112 [email protected] Southwest High School
Jocabeth Moreno, LMSW   210-623-6539        ext.3236 [email protected] Southwest Legacy High School
Grace Salinas, LMSW   210-623-6539       ext.2245 [email protected] Southwest Legacy High School