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Special Diets & Food Allergies

Special Diets and Food Allergies

Special Diets are for students who have a severe food intolerance or allergy to a particular food item, eg., soy, peanuts/tree nuts, wheat, milk, eggs, fish & shellfish. A special diet may also be considered for students requiring altered textures to food such as pureed & chopped.  

Supplemental nutrition items such as Pediasure may be provided to students, however this must be requested by the student's medical doctor.  The Child Nutrition Department will provide liquid supplement up to twice per day but this must be specified by your child's doctor.  Please turn in the Special Dietary Needs form to the school nurse.  
If a student has an intolerance or allergy to milk, eggs, or wheat and needs a customized menu in order to avoid these food items, please have your child's medical doctor fill out the special dietary needs form found here (please click the link).
Once completed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner please send the form to your child's school nurse and the nurse will forward it to the District Dietitian.  

Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for processing. If you do not hear from the Dietitian within 48 hours from when you turned in your form, please email the Dietitian.