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District Catering

SWISD is proud to offer catering services for district events!  Our experienced and professional Catering Department can work with you to help you select a menu that will best fit your needs and budget.  For more formal events, linen service is also available with advanced notice and for an additional charge.  From breakfasts and boxed lunches to formal banquets, our catering staff will be able to meet your needs.  Catering requests are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, so we encourage you to get your catering requests submitted as soon as you know about them to ensure that we can cater your event.  Please contact our Catering team by email or phone.
**Please note that a requisition or PO number MUST be provided to the Catering Department in order for your event to be put on the Catering schedule.  You must send your requisition or PO number to the Catering Department before the event occurs.  Failure to provide a requisition or PO number in time means your event may not be catered.**
Catering Manager
Blanca Valles
Assistant Catering Manager
Michelle Paiz
Catering Kitchen Phone
210-622-3911 or x3911 (within SWISD) 
For more information about our menu, services, and policies, please continue reading below.
Things To Consider When Requesting Catering Services
  • Please note that simply requesting a catering does not mean it will be scheduled.  You will need to communicate with our Catering Manager, Blanca, to confirm your event and ensure that she has room on her catering schedule to cater it.
  • August through September, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and April through May are our busiest times.  If you need a catered event during these times, please make sure to request it in plenty of time so we can get you on the schedule. 
  • If you request a catering less than 10 business days (2 weeks) before the event, we will do our best to get everything you ordered, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to get it.  We order items from our distributor as needed and do not keep everything that we offer in inventory.
  • Prices for many of our products change throughout the year due to market fluctuations.  Prices of certain menu items may change without notice based on market pricing.
  • Due to ongoing supply chain issues impacting food and supplies, we may not be able to get exactly what you want from our distributor, but will work with you to find an acceptable alternative, if needed.
  • We do not schedule any catered events the day before or the day of the annual Employee Banquet held each May.  Please keep this in consideration if you need a catering around the time of the banquet.
How to Request a Catering
  1. Please place all orders at least 10 days prior to your event. Orders requested less than 3 days in advance of the event will incur a 20% additional charge. Products requested may not be available with short notice.

  2. To schedule a catered event, please contact our Catering Manager, Blanca Valles, or Assistant Catering Manager, Michelle Paiz, at 622-3911.  You may also email them at [email protected] and [email protected].  They will need to check the schedule to ensure that they are available to cater your event.

  3. As soon as you receive an email from Blanca with the total for your catering event, you will need to create a PO for the amount she listed on the catering order form and return the completed Catering Department Policies form with the PO or requisition number field filled out. Our vendor number is 01835. You may also pay by check, cash, or student activity fund.

  4. If you need to cancel a catering event, please do so as far in advance as possible. Cancelling a catering order 2 business days or less before the event will incur a 20% charge of the total catering cost. If an order is cancelled the day of the event, you will be responsible for the full cost of the catering.

  5. When you are having a catered event where the food is dropped off by our catering team, please make sure that the food provided is not left in the temperature “danger zone” for more than 4 hours. The “danger zone” is from 41°F to 135°F. This means that cold food needs to be kept cold and hot food needs to be kept hot.